Isle of Wight Council

School Admissions

School Admissions - Moving to the Island

If you are moving to the Island from the mainland or overseas, you can apply for a school place direct to us.  Apply online at School Admissions - ( Choose the Do It Online Tab and complete the In Year School Placement Application form.

If you are moving from overseas and you wish to apply for a state-funded school, please check:

  • you have the ‘right of abode’
  • or the conditions of your visa permit you to access state-funded schools. 

Further information is available at: School applications for foreign national children and children resident outside England - GOV.UK (


If you are moving to the Island from the Ukraine, please visit: Information for Ukrainian hosts & guests (


For families of service personnel with a confirmed posting to the area, or crown servants returning from overseas to live within the area.  The application will be considered if it is accompanied by an official letter from the MOD, FCO or GCHQ. The letter must declare you will be posted to live within the area.