School Admissions

Summer Born Children - Delayed Entry

Delayed Entry into Year Reception at an Isle of Wight Primary School

If your child is a summer born child and is four during the period 1 April to 31 August 2020 and you want to delay your child’s entry in to school, it is important that you read the guidance from the Department for Education (DfE).  To view or download the guidance document, please visit the GOV.UK website .

The request for delayed entry should be made by the primary school admissions closing date of Wednesday 15 January 2020.  We are aware that in some circumstances this may not be possible and ask that you submit your request as soon as possible prior to National Offer Day, which is the Thursday 16 April 2019. 

The Department for Education guidance and the School Admissions Code allow parents to delay entry of their children into the school system.  School admission authorities are required to provide a school for the admission of all children in the September following their fourth birthday, however flexibility exists for children whose parents do not feel they are ready to begin school at this point.

School admissions authorities are responsible for making the decision on which year group a child should be admitted to and are required to make a decision based on circumstances of the case.  The local authority will make the decision for all community and voluntary controlled schools on the Isle of Wight.  If you are applying to an Academy, Aided, Foundation or Trust School, the request will be forwarded to them and they will make the decision.

There is no statutory barrier to children being admitted outside of their normal year group.

We recommend that you discuss this situation fully with the Headteacher(s) of the all the schools you are interested in applying for. Please make sure you discuss this topic fully with each Headteacher prior to applying for delayed entry in to primary school.  Please be aware that although you will have had discussions with the Headteacher of a school, we cannot guarantee a place at that school in reception for September 2020.

In addition to formally requesting a delayed entry place, it is advisable that you make an application as part of the main admission round for the relevant September intake, until a decision on your request for delayed entry has been approved.

Transferring to Secondary School

Ideally, your child will continue to be educated within the year group they have been taught in at primary school, but this is not guaranteed and your request for delayed entry will have to be reassessed when the time comes for your child's birth date year group to transfer to secondary school. 

When your child's birth date year group are due to transfer to secondary school you will need to speak to the Headteacher(s) of the secondary school/s that you are hoping your child will attend and request delayed entry in writing for your child to continue to be educated in the delayed entry year group. The admission authority of the secondary school will decide whether to educate the child out of their normal age group e.g. they may require your child to transfer in their academic age group, which may mean a transfer at the end of year 5 or they will be able to transfer at the end of year 6 and will have to commence year 8.  It is recommended that you complete an application form for a secondary school place alongside your formal request to be taught in the delayed entry year group, as there is no guarantee that the secondary school will approve your request.

Application Process

  • To formally request delayed entry in to primary school, please download and complete the form (PDF, 149KB, 2 pages). 
  • Once completed please return the form to the School Admissions and Transport, Isle of Wight Council, County Hall, High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1UD.

  • The request for delayed entry should be made by the primary school admissions closing date of Wednesday 15 January 2020. We are aware that in some circumstances this may not be possible and ask that you submit your request as soon as possible prior to National Offer Day, which is the Wednesday 16 April 2020