School Transport

School Bus Routes

This section provides details of the dedicated Vectis Blue contracted Home to School bus and coach services operated by Southern Vectis. If you have any queries concerning whether your child is eligible for free home to school transport, please contact School Admissions. Contact infomation for School Admissions can be found by clicking here

In order to ensure that your child is waiting for the bus to school at the right time and at the right bus stop please the view school bus service timetables, route information and maps accessible via the links at the bottom of this page.

At the Bus Stop

All official bus stops along the routes will be served though it is recommended that you stand so you can be clearly seen at the road side and hail the vehicle on approach. This is to ensure that the driver is aware you intend to travel. All vehicles have forward facing destination screens so that the correct service can be clearly identified.

Please be aware that some school bus services use more than one vehicle. It is therefore necessary for students to board the first vehicle with seats available as there may not be seats available on subsequent ones.

Bus Route Information:

  • To view Primary School Bus Routes, please click here.
  • To view Secondary School Bus Routes, please click here.