Virtual School

Forms and Guidance


Pre-School (0-4 years)

 e-PEP  Pre-school e-PEP  (Word, 457KB, 19 pages)
 e-PEP guidance  Pre-school e-PEP guidance  (Word, 6,022KB, 25 pages)


e-PEP Reception e-PEP (Word, 440KB, 19 pages)
e-PEP guidance Reception e-PEP guidance (Word, 6,584KB, 24 pages)

KS1 & KS2

e-PEP KS1 & KS2 e-PEP (Word, 428KB, 16 pages)
e-PEP guidance KS1, KS2 e-PEP guidance  (Word, 5,287KB,  22 pages)


e-PEP Secondary e-PEP (Word, 461KB, 22 pages)
e-PEP guidance  Secondary e-PEP guidance  (Word,  8,220KB, 27 pages)

Post -16

e-PEP Post-16 e-PEP (Word, 461KB, 22 pages)

Special Education Needs (SEN)

e-PEP EHCP e-PEP (Word, 463KB, 19 pages)
e-PEP guidance EHCP e-PEP guidance  (Word, 6,881KB,  26 pages)


 e-PEP  UASC e-PEP  (Word, 256KB, 12 pages)
 e-PEP guidance  UASC e-PEP guidance (Word, 3,260KB,  19 pages)
NEET PEP NEET PEP (Social Workers) (Word, 81KB, 6 pages)
 Post-LAC / Adopted children
 EPAC EYFS  EPAC EYFS  (Word, 216KB, 17 pages)
 EPAC KS1 & KS2  EPAC KS1 & KS2  (Word, 181KB, 14 pages)
 EPAC KS3  EPAC KS3  (Word, 196KB, 11 pages)
 EPAC KS4  EPAC KS4  (Word, 214KB, 17 pages)
 EPAC Guidance  EPAC Guidance  (PDF, 152KB, 7 pages)

General Documents

Practice guidance for all services (PDF, 103.69KB, 20 pages)
Guidance for designated teachers re Pupil Premium Plus  (PDF, 74.47KB, 7 pages)
Pupil Premium Plus Policy & Guidance (PDF, 508KB, 12 pages)
What Next (A guide to Post-16 provision)  (PDF, 2.36MB, 23 pages)
Best Provision Protocol (updated version will be available soon) (PDF, 2MB, 16 pages)
Virtual School Newsletter 2017 (PDF, 1.4MB, 22 pages)
Virtual School Brochure  (PDF, 2MB,  24 pages)
GCSE Revision Guide.pdf  (PDF, 2MB, 6 pages)
PLAC PP IOW leaflet  (PDF, 187KB, 2 pages)
LAC Pupil Premium leaflet  (PDF, 193KB, 2 pages)
Virtual School PLAC information leaflet  (PDF, 192KB, 2 pages)