Virtual School

Forms and Guidance


Pre-School (0-4 years)

 e-PEP  Pre-school e-PEP  (Word, 457KB, 19 pages)
 e-PEP guidance  Pre-school e-PEP guidance  (Word, 6,417KB, 25 pages)


e-PEP Reception e-PEP (Word, 440KB, 19 pages)
e-PEP guidance Reception e-PEP guidance (Word, 6,386KB, 25 pages)

KS1 & KS2

e-PEP KS1 & KS2 e-PEP (Word, 428KB, 16 pages)
e-PEP guidance KS1, KS2 e-PEP guidance  (Word, 5,097KB,  22 pages)


e-PEP Secondary e-PEP (Word, 461KB, 22 pages)
e-PEP guidance  Secondary e-PEP guidance  (Word,  8,026KB, 26 pages)

Post -16

e-PEP Post-16 e-PEP (Word, 461KB, 22 pages)

Special Education Needs (SEN)

e-PEP EHCP e-PEP (Word, 463KB, 19 pages)
e-PEP guidance EHCP e-PEP guidance  (Word, 6,880KB,  26 pages)


 e-PEP  UASC e-PEP  (Word, 256KB, 12 pages)
 e-PEP guidance  UASC e-PEP guidance (Word, 3,081KB,  19 pages)


NEET PEP NEET PEP (Social Workers) (Word, 81KB, 6 pages)

Individual Pages

 Pre-School  Parent/carer section  (Word, 89KB, 2 pages)
   Social care section  (Word, 104KB, 4 pages)
 Reception  Parent/carer section  (Word, 90KB, 2 pages)
   Social care section  (Word, 103KB, 4 pages)
 KS1 & KS2  Parent/carer section  (Word, 89KB, 2 pages)
   Social care section  (Word, 102KB, 4 pages)
   Pupil section  (Word, 80KB, 1 page)
 Secondary  Parent/carer section  (Word, 90 KB, 2 pages)
   Social care section  (Word, 106KB, 5 pages)
   Pupil section  (Word, 98KB, 3 pages)
 SEN  Parent/carer section  (Word, 91KB, 2 pages)
   Social care section  (Word, 103KB, 4 pages)
   Pupil section  (Word, 89KB, 3 pages)

 Post-LAC / Adopted children

 EPAC EYFS  EPAC EYFS  (Word, 216KB, 17 pages)
 EPAC KS1 & KS2  EPAC KS1 & KS2  (Word, 181KB, 14 pages)
 EPAC KS3  EPAC KS3  (Word, 196KB, 11 pages)
 EPAC KS4  EPAC KS4  (Word, 214KB, 17 pages)
 EPAC Guidance  EPAC Guidance  (PDF, 152KB, 7 pages)

General Documents

Practice guidance for all services (PDF, 103.69KB, 20 pages)
Guidance for designated teachers re Pupil Premium Plus  (PDF, 74.47KB, 7 pages)
Pupil Premium Plus Policy & Guidance (PDF, 508KB, 12 pages)
What Next (A guide to Post-16 provision)  (PDF, 2.36MB, 23 pages)
Best Provision Protocol  (PDF, 377KB, 20 pages)
Virtual School Newsletter 2017 (PDF, 1.4MB, 22 pages)
Virtual School Brochure  (PDF, 2MB,  24 pages)
GCSE Revision Guide.pdf  (PDF, 2MB, 6 pages)
PLAC PP IOW leaflet  (PDF, 187KB, 2 pages)
LAC Pupil Premium leaflet  (PDF, 193KB, 2 pages)
Virtual School PLAC information leaflet  (PDF, 192KB, 2 pages)