Parking Permits

All Island Car Park and Electric Vehicle Car Park Permit

The All Island Car Park Permit can be purchased for a 12 month period for £324.50 which will allow parking for up to six hours in any council long-stay off-street car park and for up to two hours in any council short-stay car park.  Return is then prohibited for a further two hours. 

If you need to park for longer than the six hours given, you can purchase a Supplementary Permit which then allows unlimited parking within the long stay car parks.  The Supplementary Permit can only be purchased at the same time as the All Island Car Park Permit and will always expire on the same date. The cost of the All Island Permit including the Supplementary is £462.

Alternatively, an additional payment can be made at the time of parking by purchasing a pay and display ticket to cover the additional time required or alternatively, utilise the paybyphone service.  Please note that additional payments can only be made for parking in a Long Stay car park. 

It remains the permit holder’s responsibility to always check the tariff board in each car park as this will confirm the restrictions applicable to the permit for the specific location.

The All Island Permit (with or without Supplementary) can be purchased for a 12 month period and can either be paid in full by debit/credit card or by direct Debit.  The charge is inclusive of VAT at the standard rate.

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Apply for an All Island Permit and make full payment 

Apply for an All Island Permit payable by direct debit 

Please note that Direct Debit instalments will be collected over 10 months at £32.45 per month (All Island Permit) or £46.20 per month (All Island Permit including Supplementary).  The first payment will be due at the time of application and must be made by a credit/debit card.  Direct Debits will be collected on the 20th of each subsequent month.  If we are unable to collect your direct debit on the due date for any reason, the virtual parking permit will be cancelled immediately.

Electric Vehicles (100% Zero Emission)

If you have an Electric Vehicle and meet all the below criteria, you may be eligible for a free All Island Car Park Permit (can be upgraded to an All Island Car Park Permit with Supplementary for £137.50).
If you can answer yes to the following questions, you may apply for the permit.  Please note the details will be verified from your vehicle registration document.

• Your vehicle must be a 100% zero emission plug in electric vehicle.
• Your vehicle must have been purchased on or after 01 April 2019 (and on or before 31 March 2020).
• Your vehicle must be registered to an Isle of Wight address (on or after 01 April 2019 and on or before 31 March 2020)
• Your vehicle must have been purchased new, and not have previously been registered.
• Yours vehicle must be privately owned and registered and is not for commercial use.

Please note that if any of the above are untrue, then you are not eligible to apply for the parking permit and should not submit an application.

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Apply for your All Island Electric Vehicle Permit

Please note that applications should be made prior to the date from which you wish the permit to commence in order to allow sufficient time of the permit to be processed and issued.