Parking Permits

COVID-19 key worker permits


Service Update - Changes to the IOW COVID-19 key worker permits.

From Monday 13 July 2020, only the following groups are eligible for free key worker parking.

NHS/CCG staff — Display the new government NHS permits.

Health and social care workers — Display the new government NHS permits.

NHS volunteer responders — Display the new government NHS permit or a letter stating volunteer status, organisation and registration.

The Government COVID-19 key worker parking permit scheme provides free parking for those key workers on duty whilst in COVID-19 response. The scheme is provided by the Government and is only available for NHS/CCG staff, Health and social care workers and NHS volunteer responders

When using the permit the key worker can park without charge in local authority-owned off-street car parks and on-street bays, and without a time restriction in limited waiting bays to receive the free parking concession.

Please read the Government guidance on the key worker parking permit for further information.

How to use the Government key worker parking permit

Download and print out the key worker parking permit. (PDF, 167 KB, 1 page).

Clearly write your registration number and name of your employer where indicated on the pass.

Please note: For NHS Volunteer Responders please put Royal Voluntary Service as your employer.

Display your pass on the dashboard where it can be clearly seen through a windscreen with the printed side facing up.

If the detail on the pass becomes illegible you should print and complete a new one.

When the pass is clearly displayed and used in accordance with these guidance notes, pass users will not usually receive PCNs.

What to do in the event of receiving enforcement action

If key workers do not have any evidence to place in their windscreen and receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), please read our informal challenge information. If you were on official duty please ensure you state this when completing our online informal challenge form.


If you have any enquires about the key worker permit please complete our online send a message to service form.