Adult Social Care - Information and Advice

Online Directories/Websites

There are a number of directories online providing help and information about adult social care. To help get you started we have identified a few below:

Age UK: Website contains useful information about finding a care home and what you should look for in a care home. It also includes a video that explains some of the key things you may want to consider when looking or choosing a care home. To find out more online please visit

Age UK have also produced a factsheet to explain about paying for care if you have a partner. To read the online factsheet please visit:

Also includes the Living Well Approach which is a personalised and co-ordinated service that helps you get the right support, at the right place, at the right time.


Local website:

Care Home Advisor: Website enables you to search for care homes and how they are rated. It can help you make an informed choice and understand what choices are available to you. To search for care homes online please visit:

Care Choices: Have produced, in collaboration with the Council, a care services directory. It provides a range of information and advice and gives details of care agencies and care homes available on the island. To access the directory please visit the website at:

Independent Age: Have produced a guide called ‘How to find the right care home’ that helps you choose a care home for yourself or a relative. The guide we helps you look at what to consider and essential questions like location and cost, what you want from a home and whether a care home is actually the best option. To access the guide please visit:

Isle Help: Online directory is a new information and advice portal for the Isle of Wight. It not only helps people to find information about adult social care but also other areas including housing, transport, leisure, etc. To access the directory please visit the website at:

Isle Find It: Is a new local directory of providers, organisations, clubs and services. Its aim is to help people to access information all in one place about services on the Isle of Wight allowing them to live as independently as possible. To access the directory please visit the website at:

NHS Choices: Is the UK’s biggest health website. It provides a comprehensive health information service to help put people in control of their healthcare. The website helps you make choices about your health, from decisions about your lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking and exercise, to finding and using NHS services in England. NHS Choices includes more than 20,000 regularly updated articles. There are also hundreds of thousands of entries in more than 50 directories that you can use to find, choose and compare health services in England. To access the directory online please visit the website at: