Telecheck Service

In August 2020, Wightcare launched our new Telecheck service. 

This new service can offer welfare calls to check that individuals are safe and well. It also provides social calls to provide a friendly chat and catch up. Our professional team based in Newport make the calls and each call is tailored to each person’s needs.

Individuals already using the service have commented that they look forward to having someone to talk to about their everyday life.

Telecheck services

This new service is available for long term use. 

It can also provide short term support for those individuals whose families and/or other support networks who are away temporarily. 

The service can also support those individuals:

  • Who have had a change in circumstances or 
  • who are returning home from hospital 
  • and also to support those residents who fall into the governments shielding categories.


The cost of this service is £5 per week for up to 7 calls per week, which can be flexible to meet each person’s needs. 

For those individuals needing more support, this can be increased. We can increase the calls to 14 calls per week for a slightly higher fee of £7.50 per week.

Get in touch

This new Telecheck service enhances the offer of services provided by Wightcare to the Islands community.

For more information, please call the team on (01983) 821105 or email us at wightcare@iow.gov.uk