Isle of Wight Council

Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre

Project Details

The aim of Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC) is to make clean, renewable energy for the Isle of Wight and to support the development of the tidal energy sector.

Offshore Development

PTEC will deploy a number of different turbine technologies positioned in groups or arrays within an area of 5 km2. Export cables on the seabed will bring the electricity from the site to an onshore project substation.

Onshore Development

The export cable(s) will bring the energy generated by the tidal turbines to land at Castle Cove; this has been selected as the location that will cause the least environmental impact.  The cables will connect to a project substation/control room, to be built near to where the cable comes ashore. Buried power cables will connect to the Isle of Wight’s electricity grid at the existing substation at Wootton Common.

For further details please click here to visit the perpetual tidal website. 

Click here for a summary of the bathymetry. (PDF, 1.42MB, 1page)

Click here for the slope analysis. (PDF, 2.79MB, 1page)

The project has now received full consent for both the onshore and offshore elements of the project.