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Children with library books


All libraries contain a range of children's non-fiction (information) books for all ages. Many of these books are written with the school curriculum in mind, and carefully pitched at the right level. The two largest libraries on the Isle of Wight are Newport and Ryde they contain the largest collection of children's non-fiction books, but their books can be requested for free, and sent out to any other library for collection.


Children can use the public computers to research homework online or produce course work. Even if a child is not a library member, libraries will allow them to use the computers for a short time for homework-related activity. A limited amount of free printing will also be allowed.

Internet sites

Be aware that while the internet contains a vast amount of information, not all of it is accurate and up-to-date, and very little is written with children in mind. Here are a few websites that you might find useful:

The BBC provides websites which contain information about a wide range of school subjects:

Homework Elephant has lots of links to different school subjects, along with hints and tips. You can also ask the site a question, and get it answered. To view the Homework Elephant website please click here.

The Learning Connection website is aimed at Primary School children, it provides ideas and information to help with project work. To visit the Learning Connection website please click here.

The e-homework website will help parents understand the school curriculum and support their child's homework, to view the website please click here.

Revision world is a revision-focused site for Secondary School pupils, to use this resource please click here.