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Summer Reading Challenge

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Meet the Gadgeteers!

The Summer Reading Challenge is back!

This year's challenge is called Gadgeteers and is all about creativity and invention. It's free to join, and every child who joins gets a special Gadgeteers poster. As they read books, they receive stickers and rewards. When they've read six books, they get a medal and certificate. Any child aged three and over can take part in the challenge. Younger brothers and sisters can join in, too, with a special Gadgeteers mini-challenge for babies and toddlers.

The Gadgeteers theme has been developed in partnership with the Science Museum Group. The Gadgeteers characters use their curiosity and wonder to understand the science behind their interests and hobbies. There are lots of activities and ideas that will spark children's imagination and invention. But children can read any books they like during the challenge. They can be easy or hard, or stories or fact books. They can even be audio books borrowed via the library's Borrowbox service. Anything counts!

The challenge starts on Saturday 9 July 2022 and runs throughout the summer holidays.

It runs in all island libraries. Find your local library, then come and visit us to register and join in.  

Children can also join the online challenge and receive virtual badges as they read. They can play online games, enter competitions and get loads of book recommendations.

Benefits of the challenge

Children's reading can reduce during the summer holidays. This is because they don’t have regular access to books and encouragement to read for pleasure. Research has shown that the challenge makes a big difference in keeping reading levels up.

The key to the challenge is that children are free to choose their own books. This means they are not pressured to read books that they don't like. Parents report that this makes a difference to their child's enthusiasm for reading.