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Summer Reading Challenge

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Become a Wild World Hero!

The Summer Reading Challenge is back. Last year's challenge was online only, but this year's challenge is back in  libraries. In partnership with WWF, libraries are offering a special nature-themed challenge. The idea is to inspire children to stand up for the planet. Children who join the challenge will receive a fold-out poster of Wilderville. Wilderville is a cool place but there are lots of things that the Wild World Heroes can do to make their town even better. Especially for the people and animals that live there. Join the Wild World Heroes for the challenge and discover how to make a difference to the environment. As children read books, they receive stickers and rewards. Reading six books results in a medal and certificate. Anyone aged 3 and over can take part in the challenge. There's a special pre-school challenge for younger children so they don't miss out on the fun. The challenge will run throughout the summer holidays in Isle of Wight Libraries.

The challenge will start on Saturday 17 July 2021. This date is dependent on any changes to social distancing rules. Further announcements will be on the IW Libraries Facebook page.

Children can also join the online challenge and receive virtual badges as they read. They can also play games, enter competitions and get loads of book recommendations.

Benefits of the challenge

Children's reading can reduce during the summer holidays. This is because they don’t have regular access to books and encouragement to read for pleasure. Research has shown that the challenge makes a big difference in keeping reading levels up.

The key to the challenge is that children are free to choose their own books. This means they are not pressured to read books that they don't like. Parents report that this makes a difference to their child's enthusiasm for reading.