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The list below shows the main business collections held in the Isle of Wight Record Office for which there are catalogues availbale in our searchroom.

Some of these catalogues are available on the Access to Archive website and accessible via the appropriate link.

If you wish to search these catalogues for specific references to Isle of Wight people and places, you will need to visit the A2A Home Page and use the search facilities





Collection                                               Description and Date                                                                                  Reference

Cheverton                                                 Ledgers of Richard Bird Cheverton, saddler and harness maker 1889-1906         AC 86/57

T & J Ellery                                               Stonemasons of Ryde                                                                                    BBD/

Gas records                                              Records deposited by Southern Gas 1823-1956                                               GAS/

Leigh Thomas & Co                                   Records of Leigh Thomas millers and grain merchants 1724-1904                     AC85/66

Leigh Thomas & Co                                   Records of Leigh Thomas millers and grain merchants 1787-1942                     AC88/30

Leigh Thomas & Co                                   Records of Leigh Thomas millers and grain merchants 1898-1925                     AC84/37

Mew, Langton & Co *                                 Brewers: Title Deeds 1574-1912                                                                     ELD

Mew, Langton & Co *                                 Brewers 1706-1971                                                                                        ML

Mew, Langton & Co                                   Records transferred from London 1887-1983                                                     WWE

Newtown & Beaulieu Oyster Fishery Co      Records of Newtown and Beaulieu Oyster fishery 1867-1886                              JER/NBOF

Seaview Pier Co                                        1877-1927                                                                                                     H/SP

Shanklin Extension Pier                             1900-1923                                                                                                     H/EPS

Totland Bay Hotel & Pier Co                       1879-1937                                                                                                     BD/AC/83/4

Totland Bay Hotel & Pier Co                       1933                                                                                                             AC 85/53

W.T. Smith                                               Chemist of Bembridge 1903-1980                                                                   WTS

Yelf Collection                                           Hotelier and Vintner of Ryde 1801-1929                                                           YEL

* denotes catalogues that may take several minutes to download because of their file size.