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Music Collection

County Music Collection

County Music Collection

The County Music Collection is split between Lord Louis Library in Newport and Ventnor Library.

Music Collection in Lord Louis

The Music collection at Lord Louis consists of

  • Music tutors for a wide variety of instruments;
  • single copy scores for individual instruments;
  • single copy vocal scores of choral works and opera;
  • scores of musicals;
  • songbooks for both classical and popular music;
  • miniature scores of popular orchestral music.

The music collection at Lord Louis is house in a separate room with a study table and is available for the public to browse through.

Music Collection at Ventnor Library

The music collection at Ventnor library consists of

  • Performing sets of choral works;
  • performing sets of orchestral music;
  • part song collection;
  • chamber music sets;
  • DVDs of operas and ballets;
  • books on the history and performance of music.

The  music collection at Ventnor is partly housed in the gallery with no disabled access and partly in closed-access stacks. If you would like to see anything from the music collection at Ventnor, please ask a member of staff.

If you would like a performing set which is not in stock, please ask a member of staff at Ventnor library and we will try to borrow a set from another library.