The Charter for the Bereaved

We have adopted The Charter for the Bereaved (PDF, 996KB, 100 Pages) issued by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematoria Management.

The Charter also defines the rights of every individual who experiences bereavement, and gives the bereaved greater influence over the arrangements of funerals, offering greater control and a more personalised service.

The Charter guarantees 33 rights and these are integrated into the services.

In short The Charter:

  • seeks to generate interest in and educate people about bereavement. 
  • helps to influence the expansion of services and clarify the various roles and responsibilities of those involved.
  • is a commitment to improving the service by confronting rather than disguising or ignoring death.
  • is intended to define the rights of every individual who experiences bereavement. In achieving this aim, it also sets standards of service related to burial, cremation and funerals. It is a written statement of what can be expected and enables people to judge the quality of the service received.
  • seeks to increase the range of choice and options available to the bereaved.
  • seeks to enable the bereaved to arrange a meaningful funeral service with a content that meets with their own specific needs and requirements.

We see the Charter Rights as a minimum and our service extends well beyond these requirements.