How to cancel

Notification of sale of property

If you are selling your home or business and an access licensed has been granted, you must notify us by giving written notice to terminate the Licence and provide details of the new owner.

To do this, you must contact us.

A refund will be given for every full calendar month paid in advance providing that the required written notice has been received. Part months will not be refunded.

Access no longer wanted

Contact us to notify the access is no longer wanted.

State clearly on the contact form that you no longer want to use the access nor enter into an Access Licence Agreement.

Once you have confirmation from us that the Access Licence Agreement has been terminated, you will need to close off the access so it can no longer be used.

If, after a reasonable timeframe, the access has not been closed off, we will be forced to block off the access because it could pose a risk to the anyone using the access, other car park users or their property. This may incur a cost.