House to House Collections

If you intend to hold a collection of money (or articles for sale or use) by means of visits from house to house (including business premises) where the proceeds are for charitable purposes, you will need a house to house collection permit.

There are no restrictions on the allocation of dates for house to house collections, nor on the length of the collection (provided it is less than one calendar year). Many collections are carried out by regional or national charitable organisations who often book their collections well in advance, under the authority of a Home Office exemption.  

After the collection has been held, you need to complete a return form, signed by an accountant, detailing the amount collected and any expenses incurred. This needs to be submitted to us within one month. The relevant return form will be sent when your permit is issued.

Apply for a House to House Collection Permit

Complete an online form to apply.

No fee is payable.