Product Safety

Consumer safety

For information about unsafe goods, liability for damage or injury, visit the Business Companion website.

Manufacture or import goods to re-sell

Manufacturers and importers of consumer goods must take steps to ensure that the goods in question are safe and they comply with any particular regulations that set safety standards. For further detailed guidance, the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS) website contains information on many aspects of product safety. Online advice for business and self-employed is available from GOV.UK.

Important information

Manufacturers and importers may need to refer to British Standards or European Standards.

Guides to product safety

The Business Companion website offers simple guides to product safety.

Simple guides to product safety can be found about:

  • cosmetics
  • general product safety - distributors
  • general product safety - producers
  • goods in rented accommodations
  • safety of products - due diligence
  • unsafe goods - liability
  • new and second-hand prams and pushchairs
  • new nightwear
  • new upholstered furniture
  • electrical goods
  • fireworks
  • electrical equipment
  • food imitations
  • jewellery safety- metal content
  • mini motos, off-road vehicles, etc
  • ornamental & novelty giftware
  • toys
  • part-worn tyres
  • second-hand electrical goods
  • second-hand gas cooking appliances
  • second hand upholstered furniture.

Important information

This list does not cover all products.

Legal responsibility to sell safe second-hand goods

Sellers of second-hand goods have a responsibility to ensure that any goods you sell are safe. The following pages give you guidance to cover some types of second-hand goods:

Important information

This does not cover all products.

Legal responsibility as a landlord for goods in rented accommodation

Find out about your responsibility as a landlord or letting agent:

Advice on consumer safety

If you need more help or advice, email and we will aim to respond to your enquiry within five working days.