Resolving a Problem

Consumer Advice is available from the helpline 0808 223 1133 (freephone) supplied by Citizens Advice. They offer practical advice on all kinds of consumer issues from problems with cars to faulty household appliances. We are notified of all advice the helpline provides relating to an Island consumer or business. If they believe the enquiry should be referred for further action, for example if the complaint is of a criminal nature, the case will be referred to us where an officer will respond.

As a consumer, you have rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and you are protected when carrying out any trader/consumer transaction. The Citizens Advice Helpline can advise you of those rights and the route you will need to take to resolve any issue.

Car Buying Guide

Read our car buying guide (PDF, 191.83KB, 2 pages).

When you buy goods or services, the law gives you consumer rights. These protect you from being treated unfairly by a trader. You may have received poor service or you may want to switch energy suppliers or cancel a contract, the Citizens Advice Bureau offer self-help advice from their Advice Guide on a wide variety of issues complete with help writing letters and taking legal action.