Residential and respite services

Beaulieu house is our children’s residential service for children and young people with complex needs, such as autism, severe learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and behaviours which challenge society. Beaulieu House is designed to support all children and young people with specialised care needs. It is wheelchair accessible and accommodates other assisted aids required.

Respite and short break care at Beaulieu House

Based within the community, our respite service is linked to the residential service.

The respite service is a separate service and as such we aim to provide a “homely” type environment where children and young people can have fun, meet friends and “stay over”. All children have a social worker and are referred by a panel of our Beaulieu House staff . We undertake an impact assessment and begin transition if criteria is met.

We aim to enable and encourage all children and young people to achieve and attain to enable positive life choices and chances. All children and young people accessing respite will have as part of their plan of care agreed goals and outcomes. These are supported to be achieved at every visit with the child or young person celebrating achievements and identifying other goals.

Respite provides four single bedrooms which supports overnight short-stay packages of care. Your child's need is assessed and agreed to accommodate them.

Residential care at Beaulieu House

Beaulieu House is able to offer the following service(s):

  • residential support providing six single bedrooms delivering bespoke packages of support for care 24 hours a day, seven days per week 
  • this may be shared care support with family or full residential support.

All children and young people accessing services from Beaulieu House have a social worker and are assessed as having additional needs. A referral is made through a panel with Beaulieu House staff undertaking an impact assessment. If the assessment criteria is met and agreed, the child is transitioned into Beaulieu House.

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