Participation in society

We want our care leavers to be active members of society, and to have all the chances in life that other young adults have. We can help you participate in society in the following ways:

  • encouraging you to enrol on the electoral register, so you can vote in elections
  • providing you with information on groups and clubs you may wish to join
  • informing you about relevant awards, schemes and competitions you can enter, in line with your talents and interests
  • offering work experience and apprenticeships with council departments and work experience with our Councillors
  • attending parliament with HYPE (hearing young people's experiences) group
  • informing you of voluntary opportunities you may be interested in
  • giving you advice and helping you to challenge any discrimination you may face as a care leaver
  • supporting you to become involved with our Children and Young People's participation services HYPE and where you get involved in decision making on matters that impact on children in care and care leavers, or join an interview panel when recruiting staff.

Getting your voice heard

  • We want to ensure that your voice is heard. You are the expert of your experiences and how these impact on you. You are the expert of how services helped, or hindered you. 
  • We want to hear from you about your experiences and what we can do, as corporate parents, to improve services for others. 
  • We will listen to your views, but will not tolerate abuse or aggression. 
  • We will treat you with respect and expect the same from you. 

 The Isle of Wight has a number of care-experienced young people who are able to ensure their views on various topics are heard and this shapes services for all children and young people on the Isle of Wight. They also get involved in interviewing new staff who will work directly with children and families. They get involved in various events that happen in various parts of the county and country to ensure the voices of the Isle of Wight's youth are heard loud and clear. If you would like to become involved, speak to your PA. 

If there are exceptional circumstances and you wish to change your PA, we will listen to your views and consider if this is necessary. We will speak with you about this and ensure we all agree what is best. If there has been an issue which you have not been able to resolve, you have the right to complain to our Children's services. Learn more about the Children's services' complaints process.