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Concessionary Travel Scheme Consultation 2019

Start of consultation: 16 Jul 2019
End of consultation: 08 Oct 2019


A consultation has been launched on potential changes to the Island’s concessionary travel scheme.

The proposed changes do not affect free travel arrangements for older and disabled residents who wish to travel on Island buses between 9.30am and 11pm, but do affect other travel times.

Under the changes proposed free travel for a travelling companion of a disabled person would also be retained for bus journeys between 9.30am and 11pm.

If agreed through the consultation process the council could also include free travel for care leavers.

The Island’s concessionary travel scheme cost the council £4.72 million in 2017/18, for both mandatory and additional discretionary elements.

The new proposals amend the current scheme which was introduced in 2008, and would align the Island to many other parts of the country and enable the council to make savings in the process.


Consultation Activity:

A consultation has been launched on potential changes to the Island’s concessionary travel scheme.

The new proposals amend the current scheme which was introduced in 2008, and would align the Island to many other parts of the country and enable the council to make savings in the process.

Survey start date: 16/07/2019

Survey end date: midday on 08/10/2019 

Equality objectives review 2019-2022

Start of consultation: 25 Jun 2019
End of consultation: 20 Aug 2019

Under the Equality Act 2010 public bodies are required to develop and publish equality objectives every four years after consultation with the public.

The council’s overall vision is for the Island to be a great place to live, work and visit.

In supporting this vision the Isle of Wight Council is reviewing its equality objectives.

Consultation Activity:
You can read more about the action plan and complete the survey to let us know your thoughts here. 

Consultation on the reinstatement of Undercliff Drive

Start of consultation: 14 Jun 2019
End of consultation: 26 Jul 2019

The council is seeking the views of residents, businesses and visitors on possible plans to re-open Undercliff Drive to through traffic.

Undercliff Drive (A3055) connects Ventnor to Niton via St Lawrence. The road passes through an ancient landslide complex known as the Undercliff.

Historic records of landslide events over the past 200 years have shown the area has been subjected to regular ground movement. While some areas of the Undercliff have had a reputation for landslide movement, much of the developed areas of Ventnor, St Lawrence and Niton Undercliff have remained largely unaffected by major events.

The causes of ground movement along the Undercliff have been studied extensively and are well understood. Ground movement is often linked to periods of prolonged winter rainfall.

During the very wet winter of 2013/14, Undercliff Drive was affected by major ground movement. This landsliding led to the loss of the road at two locations, effectively ‘land-locking’ nine properties between the two sites.

The closure of Undercliff Drive has resulted in a diversion of traffic through the village centres of Niton and Whitwell via carriageways with lower road classifications. This has resulted in increased vehicle movements through these villages.

Following the two landslides, the Isle of Wight Council implemented a scheme to construct a new access road at one of the two locations. This work, completed in 2016, allowed vehicles to reach the nine affected properties from Niton, to the west. A shared footpath/bridleway at the site of the second landslide was also constructed in 2016 which enabled access from the Ventnor to the east, but only for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

This consultation seeks views on whether the road at this point should be reconstructed allowing vehicles to resume using the route.

The council, working with leading geotechnical consultants who have been involved in studying the Undercliff for three decades, has identified that a producing a design for a scheme to re-open Undercliff Drive to through vehicular traffic would cost in the region of £200,000.

This design would involve a number of studies including topographic survey, ground investigation boreholes, stability analysis and environmental impact along with talking to key stakeholders. This work would produce a preferred engineering solution allowing the scheme to be accurately costed.

Currently the cost of a scheme to re-open the road to through traffic is estimated to be between £1 million and £2 million dependent on whether the scheme allowed one or two way traffic, whether traffic signals were required and if the new route would be restricted to vehicles below a certain weight. However, it needs to be acknowledged that ground movement will continue in the future, particularly if climate change predictions about increased winter rainfall prove correct.

Any investment in the area will need to take this into account.

Have your say by completing the online survey 

The survey is now open and closes at midnight on Friday 26 July 2019.

Consultation Activity:
An online survey is being undertaken to find out what the public thinks of potentially reinstating Undercliff Drive to vehicular traffic.

Local Council Tax Support - 2020/21

Start of consultation: 10 Jun 2019
End of consultation: 05 Aug 2019


Each year the council must decide whether to change the Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) Scheme for working age applicants in its area.

The changes will only affect working age claimants who currently receive LCTS or who may apply in the future.

The locally-agreed changes we are consulting upon do not affect people of pension age. The LCTS rules for these claimants are set nationally by the government.

The LCTS Scheme replaced the old Council Tax Benefit Scheme in 2013.

The funding provided to local councils by the government to support the scheme has reduced each year.

Consultation Activity:

This consultation opens on 10 June 2019 and closes on 5 August 2019.   

Please take time to read the background information provided here to help with your responses.

We will consider what you tell us both carefully and fully.

The new scheme will start on 1 April 2020.

Please also note that the decisions arising out of this consultation may affect more than just the Local Council Tax Support Scheme.

We will consider the impact of the scheme each year and may consult again if we think more changes need to be made.

Thank you for your assistance.