Closed consultations

Anti-poverty Strategy Residents Survey

Consultation start date: 02/04/2024
Consultation close date: 17/05/2024

The Isle of Wight Council is working together with voluntary service organisations and partners on the Island to understand how we can all work together to support Islanders who may be living in poverty.

Traffic Regulation Orders - Ryde, Newport, Seaview, East Cowes

Consultation start date: 05/04/2024
Consultation close date: 03/05/2024

We are currently consulting on Traffic Regulation Orders relating to

Well Street, Ryde
We are proposing a one-hour limited waiting parking bays in front of the new dentist/nursery building; this proposal is in line with all limited parking bays in the area, it is designed to accommodate town centre/dentist visitors’ needs during the day, and local residents’ overnight parking needs.

Spring Lane, Newport
We are proposing to closure the ford crossing for vehicular access in order to enable physical enhancements on Lukely Brook and to improve the ecological resilience and quality of the watercourse.

High Street, Seaview
We are proposing a short stretch of a no waiting parking restriction (double yellow lines) because any vehicle parked in this location has a potential to cause traffic flow obstruction/ques and access issues.

Church Path, East Cowes
There are old yellow lines remaining on street in Church Path and due to the current unsafe parking in the area we are now proposing the make the lines enforceable by introducing a formal no waiting parking restriction.

Sex Establishment Licensing Policy – Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 – Schedule 3 Police and Crime Act 2009 – Section 27

Consultation start date: 08/03/2024
Consultation close date: 05/04/2024

The Isle of Wight Council’s Sex Establishment Licensing Policy is currently being reviewed. The Licensing Authority is required to regularly review the policy to include guide applicants through the Licensing process and to assist councillors in their decision making with regards to permitting Sex Establishments.

As part of the review process the Licensing Authority is required to provide a consultation period to seek the views of the; Responsible Authorities, local residents and businesses that may be affected by the changes included in the policy.

Draft health contributions supplementary planning document

Start of consultation: 16 Feb 2024
End of consultation: 02 Apr 2024

The Isle of Wight Council is consulting on the draft Health Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). It will be adopted as an SPD to use when making planning decisions.

The draft SPD outlines how the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board (ICB) decide what improvements to health infrastructure may be needed in particular areas of the Island. These improvements would be for infrastructure only (e.g. new or extended health premises) and not health services (e.g. more GPs).

The document sets out how the ICB will use evidence relating to the following to calculate whether contributions are required

  • the capacity of existing health facilities in an area
  • current patient list sizes
  • size and space standards for new health facilities
  • the cost of building new health facilities

The draft SPD then identifies how the amount of money a developer may have to pay towards these improvements is worked out and also what size of new development may have to pay.

A3056 - Traffic Regulation Order Consultation

Start of consultation: 01 Mar 2024
End of consultation: 29 Mar 2024

We are consulting on the several speed limit changes as part of the A3056 Safer Roads Fund Project.

Last year Isle of Wight Council was awarded £2.1m from the Department for Transport's Safer Roads Fund for major safety improvements to one of the Island’s busiest roads, the A3056 between Blackwater and Lake.

The proposed Traffic Regulation Orders include variable speed limits near to primary schools in Arreton and Lake at times when children will be arriving and leaving. 

Other proposed changes along the route include 40mph limits on short stretches of the road where there are significant concerns over the number and severity of accidents.

School Transport Policy Consultation

Start of consultation: 29 Jan 2024
End of consultation: 13 Mar 2024
Background: The Council is required by law to consult on any changes to is it’s School Transport Policy.

We would like to hear from you about the proposed changes to the School Transport Policy (known before as the ‘Home to School Transport Policy’).

The School Transport Policy sets out the legal responsibilities of the Council. It has to provide assistance with transport to school or education setting for children and young people living in the local authority area.

The findings of the consultation will be published and presented to Isle of Wight Council Cabinet in 2024.

The findings will help the Council make a decision on:

  • the proposed changes to the policy
  • how they deliver transport assistance

Post 16 Transport Consultation

Start of consultation: 29 Jan 2024

End of consultation: 13 Mar 2024

Background: The Post 16 Transport Policy is consulted on annually. We would like to here from you about the proposed changes.

Approved changes to the policy will apply to new applications from September 2024.

The findings of the consultation will be published and presented to Isle of Wight Council Cabinet in 2024.

The findings will help the Council decide on

  • the proposed changes to the policy
  • how they deliver transport assistance

Draft Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Start of consultation: 26 Jan 2024
End of consultation: 08 Mar 2024


The Isle of Wight Council is consulting on the Draft Sustainable Drainage Systems Supplementary Planning Document (PDF, 2MB). It will be adopted as an SPD to use when making planning decisions.

Sustainable Drainage Systems, or SuDS, are a way to manage surface water. They copy the way that rainwater drains in a natural landscape.

The draft supplementary planning document outlines the design principles required to deliver SuDS on the Isle of Wight. It provides advice on including SuDS within any new development.

This guidance is for practical use by those looking to develop at any scale. It is also for designers of surface water drainage systems.

The guide is relevant to all those involved in the new development, whether in:

  • master planning
  • design
  • approval
  • construction
  • maintenance

 It can be used by anyone looking to find out more about SuDS.

The SPD is intended to assist developers and property owners to deliver SuDS which

  • prevent and reduce surface water flooding
  • have clear responsibilities for future maintenance and management
  • are appropriate to the island, its geology and hydrology
  • deliver social, environmental and financial benefits
  • aim to meet a range of sustainability and place-making objectives

Street Furniture Licensing Policy Highways Act 1980 Section 115E

Start of consultation: 15 Jan 2024
End of consultation: 25 Feb 2024


The Isle of Wight Council’s Street Furniture Licensing Policy intends to update the authority's Highway Permissions Policy and aims to support businesses understand where the placing of objects or structures on the highway may be permitted. 

The council encourages the effective use of street furniture and recognises their provision can make a positive contribution to the quality of the streetscape. However, without careful consideration, street furniture may have the opposite effect on the local area. 

Traffic Regulations Orders (TRO) District 4

Start of consultation: 22 Jan 2024
End of consultation: 16 Feb 2024


The council is currently part-way through an Island wide review of traffic regulation orders. 

The process for introducing changes on the highway is regulated by the law. Every proposal is advertised in the press, inviting public feedback to be given within 28 days of the proposal notice. This is called a formal TRO consultation.

We are consulting on the following areas as part of the District 4 Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation:

  • Sandown
  • Shanklin

Budget 2024/25

Start of consultation: 18 Dec 2023
End of consultation: 26 Jan 2024


Residents and organisations, council tax and business rate payers are invited to have their say on the council’s budget and council tax for 2024/25.

More than 1,000 responses were received for the last budget consultation. It would be great to increase that number and hear from more of you.

We won’t get all the information from government that we need to complete the budget until the New Year. While we carry on working on it we would like to hear your views about the important choices we need to make.

This short consultation should take less than five minutes of your time to complete.

You can also email any comments or suggestions to

This email address has been set up to only collect budget consultation comments. It is not suitable for service enquiries.

Community Safety Partnership Survey 2023

Start of consultation: 05 Dec 2023
End of consultation: 12 Jan 2024


Island residents are being asked to complete a short survey about their feelings around community safety on the Island.

Colin Rowlands, the council's director of communities, said: “I would urge Islanders to have their say and let us know the issues that are most important to them.

“A major plus for the Island is our safe and strong communities, and research does bear out the Isle of Wight is one of the safest places to live in the UK.

"However, the council and its partners are keen to make it even safer and we need help in understanding where we should focus our strategy so please ask family, friends and neighbours to fill it in.”

Superintendent Rob Mitchell, the Area Commander for policing on the Isle of Wight, said: “Our constabulary is going through a period of change to deliver a more effective area based policing model.

"This means a renewed drive to deliver excellent local policing, an even better service to victims and a relentless pursuit of criminals. To do this we need to ensure that we are listening and responding to local community concerns

“My teams set monthly priorities for policing on the Island and the survey will help to guide our work and that of our partner organisations."