In 1995 the Isle of Wight Council became a unitary or all-purpose authority. It replaced the former Isle of Wight County Council and the two borough councils of Medina and South Wight.  The Isle of Wight Council is responsible for most of the local government activities on the Island. As well as the Isle of Wight Council there are 33 town, parish and community councils.  These local councils look after a variety of local issues such as:

  • recreation grounds
  • some amenity grass cutting
  • other facilities in their areas

 The Isle of Wight Council has 39 elected councillors. 

Contacting a Councillor

You can contact a Councillor either in writing or via email. Alternatively, you could use the contact details on this page.

The full Council usually meets in the months of May, July, September, November, January and February. They meet in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Newport. There are lots of other panels, boards, partnerships and groups which councillors attend. In addition councillors serve on many outside bodies. This includes the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police Constabulary based in Winchester. Which handles the policing of both Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. At the annual meeting of the Council, appointments are made to various offices, this meeting is usually held in May.

 Annual Meeting Appointments

At the Council meeting on 17 May 2023 Councillor Claire Critchison was elected as Chair of the Isle of Wight Council. Councillor Karl Love was elected Vice Chairman.

Political groups

Details for all of the political parties who make up the council are provided on our democracy webpages.  

Members' allowances

Information going back as far as 2015 can be found on members' allowance payments. Further information on members' allowance payments can be found in the Council's constitution.