Isle of Wight Youth Council Constitution

The Isle of Wight Youth Council is the elected advisory body to the Isle of Wight Council on youth issues. It is elected by young people between the ages of 11 and 21 from across the Isle of Wight.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Isle of Wight Youth Council (hereafter referred to as IWYC) is to work on behalf of the young people of The Isle of Wight, in cooperation with the Isle of Wight Council, to increase young people's influence over issues and decisions, which concern young people and to develop, empower, influence issues and outcomes for the benefit of young people.

2. Aims

2.1 The IWYC aims to be a link between the young people of the Island, the IW Council, and other appropriate organisations.


2.1a To provide the IW Council and other appropriate authorities with the views of young people, both in relation to matters of concern and to Council initiatives, and to raise the awareness of young people and increase their participation in democratic, decision making processes.

2.1b To receive and consider information from all departments of the Council on issues of significance to young people for consultation and comment.

2.1c To work in partnership with the IWC to help them arrive at decisions which benefit young people.

2.2 The IWYC will keep all its members informed of its actions and decisions.

2.3 The IWYC will work with other bodies representing young people.

3. Membership

3.1 The IWYC will consist of 24 elected young people. There will be 12 places for co-opted young people. The term of office will be until the next elections are held. These 12 co-opted young people will have voting rights and must be invited to attend by the IWYC. This is to ensure that more young people will have the opportunity to be represented. The young people elected to the UK Youth Parliament (MYP & Deputy MYP) will automatically occupy 2 co-opted places and will not be allowed to be officers of the IWYC.

3.2 Members of the IWYC must be aged between 11 and 21 inclusive and resident on the Isle of Wight. In the case of a member reaching their 22nd birthday that member will be able to see out their term of office. The Youth Council will aim to be representative of young people of all ages, from all areas of the Isle of Wight and from all backgrounds.

3.3 A member of the IWYC may resign, at any time, by informing the Secretary in writing. If a vacancy arises for this, or any other reason, the IWYC will invite a young person, from the relevant constituency, to fill the place. Young people who went for election will be given priority. The new member can stay in place until the next election. If no one comes forward the IWYC can decide to co-opt an interested young person to fill the vacancy until the next election.

3.4 Members of the IWYC have a key role in communicating with their constituents and in placing matters on IWYC agendas that are requested by the young people they represent.

3.5 A person cannot stand as a member of the IWYC if within 5 years of standing they have received a prison sentence of 3 months or more, whether custodial or not. A member is no longer a member if they receive such a sentence once they are elected.

4 Meetings and other IWYC Communications

4.1 The full lWYC will meet at least 10 times a year in County Hall. Members are expected to confirm (to the YC Support Officer) they are attending a meeting, and if a member cannot attend a meeting to send apologies. If a member fails to attend 3 times in a row without making apologies they can be asked to leave the Youth Council.

4.2 Agendas and notes of the meetings will be distributed to all members.

4.3 Issues will be decided by a simple majority of voting members present. The Chairperson will have a casting vote.

4.4 A quorum shall be not less than ten elected members. If, at any meeting, the elected members are outnumbered by co-opted members then that meeting will be declared inquorate.

4.5 A breach of the IWYC code of conduct will result in a verbal warning from the chair, a further breach will lead to a written warning and a third may lead to expulsion from the Youth Council. Expulsion will require a majority vote from the full IWYC. The Code of Conduct can be found at the end of this document.

4.6 Communication of documentation to IWYC members will be by email, to a nominated address. Members should check their nominated address on a regular basis. If members wish to receive hard copies of documents, or text reminders of meetings they should contact the YC Support Officer.

5. Powers

5.1 The IWYC shall have powers to carry out lawful activities in order to achieve the aims of the organisation.

5.2 The IWYC has the power to raise funds from external sources in the form of grants and the IWYC must not undertake any trading activities.

6. Officers of the Youth Council

6.1 The IWYC will have a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, Secretary (supported by the lWC Youth Council Support Officer), Treasurer and any other officers the IWYC decides it requires. The Chair and Vice-chair will be elected by the members of the IWYC at the start of the year.

6.2 IWYC accounts will be independently audited on an annual basis.

7. Constitution

7.1 This constitution may only be altered by a majority vote of the IWYC and must be revisited every two years.