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To discover the fulfilling, interesting and diverse roles on offer in Children's Services you can view our current vacancies. Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our staff have to say about their work:

Ivan Britton, Senior Practitioner, Disabled Children's Team

"I have been a social worker for over ten years and I am currently a senior practitioner in the disabled children’s team. I always remember people talking to me about ‘burn out’, but I have never felt remotely close to this. Yes there are definitely some difficult days, and almost every day will be filled with a variety of challenges, but never once I have I ever been bored, or felt like giving it all up for something else. I’ve never looked back and have never regretted being a social worker.

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful therapeutic place to live and work, even after a really hard day at work you can head to the beach and jump in the sea! There is consistency here with clear policies and procedures, a good system of regular supervision and you will always be supported by anyone at work, including our approachable and supportive managers. The thing I love the most is working directly with children and families and fortunately we get the space to do this here on the Isle of Wight. Everything we do is about moving forward, creating positive change. There will always be someone that knows something you don’t, no matter how experienced you are, and you will never stop learning, never stop being challenged, and hopefully never stop feeling passionate about what you do. Whatever has happened in a child’s life and unfortunately sometimes really bad things do happen, you can make a difference."

Simon Homes, Principal Social Worker

"The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to work; I have worked on the Island all of my professional career and am proud of the team here on the Isle of Wight. We work hard to ensure the right environment for staff to carry out their roles and believe that our practice and work models should be mirrored in terms of shared values, support, and strengths. Social work teams have manageable caseloads which allows for meaningful direct work with the people we serve.  We have recently introduced Agile working which has enabled staff to be less focussed on returning to an office, providing them with the technology to work remotely across the Island and being more efficient with managing assessments and reviews whilst giving staff the flexibility and work life balance. We deliver a quality training package which is not only tailored to the individual’s needs but one which is aligned to our key strategy care close to home.  Staff are engaged in best practice forums which enables them to come together regularly, the forum content is driven by staff and enables discussion and debate on best practice, new policy, themes and topics. The voice of the workforce matters and so do our values, staff are engaged, and morale is good, we invest equally in our staff as we do the people we serve. Come and join our shared vision of excellence in an organisation who is passionate about ensuring person centred delivery, strength-based approaches, and outcomes which make a difference to the lives of the people we serve." 

Tayla Green, Social Worker

"I am a newly-qualified social worker nearing the end of my assessed and supported year in employment with the Isle of Wight Council’s adult services. I became a social worker, foremost, to work with individuals who require support. As I progressed through my first year in practice, I was able to utilise my knowledge and skills to empower individuals to become an agent for change in their own lives. Working for the council on the Isle of Wight has allowed me to put my studies into practice enabling individuals to recognise the role they have in achieving their own outcomes. I received support with my ASYE year from the workforce development team. Support has been tailored to my needs as a practitioner to develop skills and enhance knowledge as required. They have enabled and encouraged me to continually use reflection as a tool to inform my practice and maintain my values, which I feel has allowed me to develop in the role I do. Regular peer supervision sessions provide a platform to discuss challenges with colleagues from both adults and children’s services – invaluable as a newly-qualified worker. In my working environment there is always someone around to provide support where it is required. The Isle of Wight is a unique place to live; we have an eclectic mix of workers and this is also true for those we serve. Working as a social worker here allows you to work towards improving wellbeing for those we work for, and provides the opportunity to enhance your own personal wellbeing. Sandy beaches provide some time for reflection; there is a wealth of history to explore, which ranges from the keep at the castle, to the field of dreams at the Isle of Wight festival. I came to the Isle of Wight at a young age and I’ve not yet found a reason to leave."

John Metcalfe Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight Council

If you were to ask anyone why they relocated to the Isle of Wight, they would all have a different reason. What drew them here? What made them stay? Everyone’s circumstances are different but one fundamental factor will entwine every story; the Isle of Wight is a beautiful, calm, interesting and inspiring place to be. While we love the tranquil surroundings, we are an innovative, forward thinking and dynamic council. We trust in our staff to make a difference on the Isle of Wight – and we want people to join us who share those values. In the last two years we’ve made some great strides and our outlook is very much onward and upward. The opportunities ahead of us are vast and you could be a part of that, helping our fantastic teams in children’s and adults’ services to continue to make our home a great place to grow up, live, work and visit. Working for the council means being a real part of our community, delivering services that people want and need and being at the heart of the Island’s future. We aspire to be great – and we want you to help.

Dave Stewart Isle of Wight Council Leader

The Isle of Wight is an inspiring place and we have a clear vision for how the council can continue to improve outcomes for our community. The opportunity to live in such a glorious location is only one of the benefits of Island life. Working for the council will enable you to truly make a difference. As a council we want to create opportunities for everyone; deliver economic growth and prosperity; preserve our environment; protect our community; plan for our future needs, and most of all provide sound financial management. We expect our staff to be professional, ethical and act with integrity, giving clear leadership and direction for the community we serve. Our ambition is to ensure the Island is truly an inspirational place in which to grow up, work, live and visit. And my aim is to continue to lead a council that works in the best interests of all Islanders.

Thank you for your interest in working for the Isle of Wight Council. We hope we’ve given you an insight into how we can help you take the next step in your Children's Services career. View all our current vacancies in Childrens Services.