Employee data

The information provided on this page has been designed to provide data on Isle of Wight council employees and covers the most commonly requested FOI’s within this remit.

The report includes tables which provide a breakdown of figures for each financial year, starting from 1 April 2010 to the present day and are updated on a yearly basis.

Currently our most requested FOI’s regarding information on IWC employees are:

  • Total Number/Breakdown of IWC employees.
  • Total Number/Breakdown of Starters & Leavers.
  • Total Number/Breakdown of Redundancies.
  • Total Number of Qualified Social Workers within Childrens & Adult Services.
  • Total Number of Agency workers across the IWC.
  • Total Number of staff within the Fire Service.
  • Total Number of Road Crossing Patrol.

Please view our report on Employee Data (PDF, 312KB, 4 pages), which includes all of the FOI's listed above. 

Please note: This is not a definitive list and it will be added to as and when more frequent, popular requests are identified. The tables will not always cover all the information required, but will provide a good starting point for any person requesting information on the IWC employees.

Further Information

For full details regarding Freedom of Information (FOI) requests