Child Employment

COVID-19 and child employment


Service Update: January 2021

The Government announcement on 4 January 2021 advised of a National lockdown. This means the Isle of Wight Council, is not processing any child work permits until further notice.

Work permit applications for children in the key-worker industry will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We will seek confirmation from each employer that the young person can work safely. Social distancing guidance must be adhered to.

We will review this decision again as and when new government advice is given.

For further information please contact us using the online send a message to service form.

Risk Assessments

The Local Authority is asking all employers to submit a new or updated risk assessment for approval by a Local Authority officer. This must happen before any young person can commence or re-commence their employment. Please include specific identification of hazards relating directly to COVID-19 as a result of conducting business.

To assist employers, the Local Authority has provided some risk assessment expectations/guidance which includes generic risks.

Employers should share a copy of the updated risk assessment with the parent/guardians of any child/children they are employing.

When the Local Authority has received the updated risk assessment. The Local Authority will tell the employer in writing if employment can re-commence.

Please note: a young person in Year 11 (they are 16 or will turn 16 by 31 August 2020) will reach statutory school leaving age on 26 June 2020. the young person will no longer need a permit from the Local Authority to continue to work.