Isle of Wight Council

Short Breaks - Young Inspectors Scheme


The Short Breaks ‘Young Inspector’ Programme has been specifically designed to increase the involvement and ‘voice’ of children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs.

This programme aims to involve and empower children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs in the decision-making and development of particular areas and activities of the Short Breaks service. By including children and young people and listening to their needs it enables the Short Breaks to ‘tailor’ the service we provide to meet the needs of service users. 

Children and Young people involved in the programme will be able to provide their opinions and feedback to us on activities by participating, observing and recording their views through completing our child-friendly questionnaire.

The aims of the Young Inspectors Programme will support:

  • Children and young people in receiving the best possible standards from services that work with them or have an impact on them.
  • Children and young people participation in the Short Breaks service, empowering them to make their voices heard and needs met.
  • Organisations and activity provisions to utilise the feedback for improvements provided by the Young Inspectors to support their service or activity becoming more inclusive and disability friendly. 
  • Short Breaks continuing to work with the Young Inspectors and utilise the findings from the project as a reflective tool for improving best practice and implementing change in the future.