Domestic Abuse

What time is kick off

What time is kick off in your house?

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The Community Safety Partnership worked with various organisations to raise your awareness about domestic abuse during the FIFA World Cup 2018,  we posted updates on 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter @iwight
  • and put posters in the local community, which provided information on sources of help and advice.


Domestic abuse is never OK, there are no excuses!

According to a study done by Lancaster University domestic abuse incidents in the UK rose by 38 per cent when the England team lost but also rose by 26 per cent when they won, when compared with the days that England did not play at all, the figures were lower. 

To learn more about this study visit

How to report Domestic Abuse

If you are suffering because of domestic abuse or know someone who is then there is help available. 

  • Speak to someone who cares about protecting you from abuse and violence in your home - such as talking to trusted family members, friends, work colleagues or a neighbour so that they know what is happening in your life. For more information visit YOU Trust website or ring the freephone helpline on 0800 234 6266. Please note: you may get the answer phone when the service is busy or if you call out of office hours

  • Domestic abuse affects men too, for advice, help and support visit

  • If you are concerned about a child’s safety or welfare please contact Children Services - Hants Direct on 0300 300 0117. 

  • Protect a family member, friend or neighbour from domestic abuse, let them know you're there to listen and advise them of  the YOU Trust services.

  • Speak up for someone you know who is having problems with domestic abuse, contact IW Adults Safeguarding Team 01983 814980.

  • Speak to your doctor if your are experiencing problems with controlling your emotions and you are worried you could hurt someone you care about. You can also contact the Samaritans Isle of Wight.

  • If someone is in immediate danger or at serious risk of harm, you are advised to call the police on 999.


Alcohol is no excuse

Alcohol can often be a factor in cases of domestic abuse and during world cup matches there is always frequent opportunity for people to drink alcohol.  When people are drunk arguments and fights can escalate quickly, especially when emotions run high after football games. Alcohol is never an excuse, find out how you can get help with your drinking,  IRIS - Island Recovery Integrated Services can provide advice.

Drinking alcohol can sometimes lead to sexual abuse where you can be pressured into sex or are so drunk that you cannot freely give consent. Drunk doesn’t mean yes! provide clear information about sexual consent.

Domestic abuse is not always physical

To learn more about the different types of  domestic abuse please visit our web page about domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse advice for men


Men can also be victims of domestic abuse and sometimes find it incredibly hard to get help. Men can experience emotional abuse as well as physical abuse from female partners or male partners within their relationships. 

There is confidential support and advice from the Men’s Advice Line call 0808 801 0327 or visit provide support, information and advice on male rape and sexual abuse, and the profound effects it has on those who experience it.