Empty Properties

Empty Properties

The Isle of Wight Council's priority is to identify domestic properties that have remained empty for a long period of time. The Council will work with the owner, local residents' in the community and other partnerships to help them to decide on the best option for the empty property.  

In 2013 the number of empty domestic properties on the Isle of Wight equalled 3.83%, exceeding the governments Sustainable Communities Strategy target of 3.7%. Ongoing work has reduced the total and in May 2020 it stands at 485 (target properties) 0.64% of all housing stock.

There are however, 874 (1.15%) empty properties which:

  • includes all properties exempt from council tax which are empty more than 6 months
  • includes all private housing stock also empty for less than 6 months.

Please note - both of the above are not target properties and we are unable to intervene.

For on how to look after your empty property, what options you have for your empty property, preventing fraud and tax incentives view the Empty Property leaflet  (PDF, 1.91Mb, 2 pages).

If you have any further questions contact the Empty Properties team online by using the send a message to service form.