Local Council Tax Support - Entitlement

Apply for Local Council Tax Support

Local Council Tax Support is a scheme set up by the local authority to replace Council Tax benefit for working age people who are on a low income, to help with their council tax.

For further information on the Local Council Tax scheme.

Application Process

Apply for Local Council Tax Support online .

  • Guidance notes on how to complete the claim are available online and can be downloaded after logging in. 

  • You can complete the application at your own pace but remember; the earlier we receive your claim the sooner we can pay you any benefit that you may be entitled to. 

  • You must complete the first three pages of the on-line form in order to register your intention to claim and then you have one month in which to complete your claim form.

Please Note: Any delay in submitting your application will result in the loss of support.  Entitlement to Local Council Tax Support will usually be considered from the Monday following receipt of the application in the office.

We are authorised to accept Local Council Tax Support claims that have been completed electronically through the use of this approved electronic form. View the signed directive (PDF 174b, 3 pages).

Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate considers any assistance with meeting the 25% single person discount which is no longer available when you have additional adults who are 18 or over living in your property. If you have reached pensionable age, are the liable person responsible for paying council tax and you share your home with other adults who are on a low income, you may be entitled to Second Adult Rebate.

You are not eligible to claim if the other adults living in your property are:

  • your partner or civil partner
  • paying rent
  • paying council tax themselves

Apply for a Second Adult Rebate

Housing Benefit

For further information about Housing Benefit services and how to apply.

Backdating a Claim - Your claim for Housing Benefit and or Local Council Tax Support may be backdated in some circumstances. Please click here to learn more.

For guidance on relevant information which may affect you, please select from the links below:

  • Extended Payments (PDF, 14.58Kb, 2 pages).
  • Evidence We Need To See click here (PDF, 172KB, 6 pages).
  • Leaflet - Help with rent and council tax for pensioners click here  (PDF, 222KB, 8 pages).