No Barriers


The aim of No Barriers is to empower people with a disability or a barrier to getting employment to achieve their goals, by offering training and support. For some people that may be a few hours a week working as a volunteer and for others it means a part or full time job with a mainstream employer.

Many people with a disability have been denied the opportunity to work and to gain the self-esteem and confidence that having a job can bring. Often people with a disability are receiving benefits; this in itself can also be a barrier in getting a job without benefits being affected.

No Barriers supports people to work with the ‘Permitted Work Rules’ for those who would like to earn a small amount of money without affecting their benefits. While some people will take part in work experience and are able to move forward in to a part time or fulltime job, this usually depends on their personal circumstances as well as their ability to do the job.

No Barriers also help individuals by providing travel training, CV writing and interview skills and also supports people in work or training placements.  No Barriers will also support the Employer or Training Provider if they have someone with them who has been referred to No Barriers.

Our No Barriers Employment Support leaflet provides further information.pages).

You can also contact No Barriers by emailing or find loads of information on our Facebook page.