Isle of Wight Council

The Island Learning Centre

The Island Learning Centre

Working in conjunction with other professionals, the Island Learning Centre gives support to children who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend school.

The Centre aims to ensure that pupils return and re-integrate into school as soon as possible.  Support is provided for pupils having a medical condition which prevents attendance at school for a considerable time, but does not prevent learning; pupils who need tuition whilst in hospital; pupils who are phobic or suffer from anxiety related difficulties preventing school attendance; pregnant and school age young mothers.

In April 2014, Clatterford Tuition Centre and Thompson House Tuition Centre moved from their separate sites and are now both located at The Island Learning Centre but their provision continues to remain separate.

SEN Information Report

To view The Island Leaning Centre's SEN (Special Education Needs) information report which provides our arrangements for admission of disabled children including the steps being taken to prevent disabled children being treated less favourably than others, please click here.