Winter Weather Advice

Keeping up to date

The latest winter weather information and advice can be accessed from a range of sources, including social media feeds, news articles and pages on this website.

Isle of Wight Council services

Follow the council's social media feeds for the latest news on how services and schools are being affected by winter weather conditions. Information is updated regularly when relevant and can be viewed on and (follow us @iwight).

When required, news articles will also be published and updated, these can be accessed from here

Island Roads

Island Roads publishes regular updates about the Island's highways network via it's twitter feed @islandroads and on its website The website contains information about road closures, sandbag availability and how to report problems on the Island's roads - such as flooding or potholes.  Island Roads can also be contacted by telephone (01983) 822440.

The Met Office

The latest weather forecast for the Island can accessed via the Met Office website:

The Met Office warns the public of severe or hazardous weather which has the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption through their National Severe Weather Warning Service.

The Met Office issues warnings for rain, snow, wind, fog and ice.  These warnings are given a colour (yellow, amber, red) depending on a combination of both the likelihood of the event happening and the impact the conditions may have.  For more information, please visit the Met Office website at

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency provides flood alerts and warnings.  It has a 24 hour information and advice line and can be contacted by telephone on the following numbers: Floodline 0345 988 1188 or 0845 988 1188.  A wide range of information is available on its website

School closures

For the latest information on school closures please click here.

Council service updates

For the latest information on council services affected by the winter weather conditions please click here.

Gritting routes

Island Roads manages and maintains the Isle of Wight’s roads and footways to ensure that everyone is able to move around the highways as safely as possible.  This includes keeping the roads and footways clear of obstructions, snow and ice wherever possible.

Please note: All motorists should take extra care when driving in freezing conditions – even on salt treated roads.

To view the Island Roads gritting routes, on the Island Roads website, please click on the link below:

Overview - why roads are salted in preparation of freezing conditions

Salting helps prevent ice forming on treated road surfaces and helps prevent any snow freezing to roads.

Salt does not stop snow settling on the roads. That is why salt is laid in preparation for snow and is not primarily used to clear snow from the highways after it has fallen, although application can help thawing.

Gritting is undertaken in anticipation of freezing temperatures.  In cold weather Island Roads receives regular weather updates from the Met Office and reviews data from sensors on the network, which monitor both temperatures and residual salt concentration to help decide the need for the roads to be treated.

What happens when it snows

When snow is forecast, Island Roads salts the road network as described previously.  If snow settles, the primary salt routes are cleared first.  When this is done, the focus moves to clearing the secondary salt routes.