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Julie Jones-EvansWelcome to my web page. I was first elected to the ward of Newport Central in 2009 and have been serving residents and also the business community of the County Town with enthusiasm and dedication for almost 8 years. During that time I have introduced parking permits for residents that live within 200m of a IW Council car park, campaigned to get Chapel Street reopened, continue to campaign for 20mph in town, oversaw the transfer of several IW Council assets to Newport Parish Council, such as Victoria Recreation Ground and public toilets. I have just completed a 6 year project to open up a new section of Church Litten (January 2017) and provide facilities for young people to address the anti-social behaviour around the library. In 2012 I began Newport Business Association to enable local businesses to work together in attracting visitors to Newport and to comment on development within the town. I was very proud to create a lasting monument to the 20 civilians that died in an air raid on Newport in 1943, you can see that in the south side of Church Litten. Currently I am working with the IW Council to get Residents parking Zones for several streets in Newport, combatting the huge amount of commuter parking which will be such a relief for residents and also reduce the amount of cars driving around the centre of Newport looking for free parking. Through my work as leader on Newport and Carisbrooke Parish Council, funding has been allocated for a dedicated officer to deliver the Residents Parking Zones. Caesars Road, Clifford Street, Drill Hall Road and Hearn Street will be the first streets in Newport Central to have the opportunity for theses zones.

I have the wider ambition to create a more pedestrian and cycling friendly environment which will benefit all residents and also make Newport a more attractive and pleasant place to visit. It is important that Newport is a vibrant town which is a great place to live, work and visit. Accessibility for the less mobile is really important too and we much start to piece together the elements for a modern town where it is safe and pleasant for all.

Much of my work is answering resident's queries and following up on issues. Sometimes there is a quick result but other times the process is much slower depending on legislation and policy. I often wish I had a magic wand! I comment on planning and licensing applications where necessary and am a member of the Corporate Scrutiny Committee and Planning Committee.

On Saturdays I am available for surgery appointments between 9.30 and 10.30 at the Quay Arts Café, please email or call 521068 to arrange.

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Name: Miss Julie Marie Jones-Evans
Political Group: Independent Members Group
Electoral Division: Newport Central
Address: 53 Victoria Road
Isle of Wight
PO30 2HB
Telephone: 521068
Mobile: 07970 009 908
Biography: I run a business in Nodehill in Newport, where my family have been shopkeepers since 1946. I grew up in Newport, attending 3 Newport schools and I was lucky enough with the aid of IW Education Authority to complete a BSc Degree in London. After working in the capital for a number of years, I felt the draw of the Island and returned 25 years ago. Since being elected a Councillor to both the IWC and Newport Parish Council, I have been able to use my skills and learn new ones to enable improvements to Newport Central and the Island. I live in Newport and my son attends a Newport school.

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