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30/01/2018 - Why 'Independent Labour' ?
After nearly 35 years membership, long-time Labour IW Councillor Geoff Brodie left the party on 29 January 2018. Geoff explained, "Although I have no issues with the national party, except over its 'Brexit policy', I do find myself very isolated from the local party leadership. "Ever since my personal socialist values lead me to support leaving the neo-liberal EU in 2016's referendum, I have become a pariah. Also they have failed to support me with my epilepsy-related problems. "Being overwhelmingly re-elected for Newport East in May for a fourth time, but once again on my own at County Hall, requires full support from the local party leadership. I have not had that over the last 9 months, far from it, so I have decided I will battle on without them." Geoff will now sit as an 'Independent Labour’ councillor at County Hall representing the residents of Newport East to his usual demanding standards.