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Council Documents by AZ

Council Documents by Group

Use of Resources

This group contains relevant information and documents concerning services and function of your local council

Corporate Objectives

This group contains documents which detail the Councils approach and aims regarding the services it delivers

Corporate HR Documents

This group contains required and additional documentation relevant to all personnel and employees who work for the Isle of Wight Council

Performance and Assessment

This group contains relevant performance and assessment documents that the Council have undertaken as a statutory requirement

Policies and Plans

This group contains approved plans and policies being undertaken by your local Council effecting life across the island

Strategies and Schemes

This group contains documents which define the approach being taken by the Council to achieve a specific goal or set of goals

Equality Impact Assessments

This group contains assessments completed by individual services which detail the considerations taken and the impact certain decisions and actions could have on all members of our local society

Education Policies

School and Education related policies and documents

COVID-19 Information

This group contains information, support and guidance documents relevant to Coronavirus (COVID-19).