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Document Library: Digital Strategy 2022-2027


The Digital Strategy 2022-2027 sets out the council's approach to embracing digital services, it is about supporting the change in the way people live, connect and work. This strategy exists to support the whole council’s ambitions by re-imagining how we design, deliver, and operate our services.

The strategy is about how to create the right conditions for digital technologies to bring about continuous improvements in how we deliver our services supported by our four priority areas of:

Digital Island - seeks to underpin the delivery of the Isle of Wight Digital Island strategy

Digital citizen - supports people in acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to use the internet and other digital technologies efficiently and with confidence

Digital Council - enable the council to improve its service design and delivery; to better meet the needs of our residents and improve productivity

Digital intelligence - sets out our aspirations for how best to utilise digital technologies in the interest

of a providing better public services.

Status: Final
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Approved On: 10 Mar 2022
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