Document Library: Housing Renewal Enforcement Policy


The aim of the Section’s work is to raise the standard of private sector housing conditions, improving home safety, bring empty properties back into use and to intervene where private drainage is causing a nuisance. In doing so, the Section helps to achieve the vision of the Authority which is “a progressive island built on economic success, high standards and aspirations and a better quality of life for all”, as well as the following Council Corporate Objectives: -

· Driving the sustainable regeneration and development of the Island

· Improving the health and well-being of Island communities

· Creating safer and stronger communities

· Improving outcomes for children and young people

· A high performing cost effective Council

One method by which the Housing Renewal Section achieves this aim is by the appropriate use of enforcement. Enforcement action can be taken against landlords and owner-occupiers alike.

The Housing Renewal Section carries out enforcement intervention by responding both reactively and proactively.

Status: Final
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Approved On: 03 Oct 2012
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