Document Library: Neighbourhoods Enforcement Policy


Regulatory Services’ (Licensing, Environmental Health and Trading Standards) primary function is to achieve regulatory compliance in order to protect the public, legitimate businesses, the environment and groups such as consumers and workers. Community Safety also has responsibilities to protect the public and undertake appropriate action to reduce antisocial behaviour and crime.

Enforcement action is at the discretion of the Local Authority and enforcement action may be taken after compliance has been achieved if it is in the public interest to do so. This policy applies to all the legislation enforced by officers with delegated enforcement powers employed by Regulatory and Community Safety Services. This policy supports and supplements specific guidance for example statutory codes of practice and other relevant documents produced by government bodies.

Enforcement includes any criminal or civil action taken by officers aimed at ensuring that individuals or businesses are legally compliant, do not increase crime, disorder or antisocial behaviour and that financial benefit  from criminal activity is recovered. 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure transparency in the approach to regulatory activities and provide guidance to enforcement officers, business and members of the public.


Status: Final
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Approved On: 24 Aug 2017
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