Anyone wishing to demolish or partially demolish a building must notify us. We can then ensure that demolition works are carried out safely.

Most buildings cannot be demolished without a Demolition Notice. This is a legal process under the Building Act and should be submitted six weeks before starting work. When we receive a demolition notice we will send back a list detailing safety conditions that should be followed. This includes:

  • the weathering and shoring of adjacent buildings
  • a ban on the burning of any materials on site
  • minimise the effect on adjoining properties
  • ensure site is safe and secure.

As part of the demolition notice, you must also notify adjoining owners and statutory bodies including:

  • Southern Gas Network
  • Southern and Scottish Power Energy Distribution
  • Open Reach (formerly BT).

This service is free of charge.

Apply for a demolition notice and email to

Planning permission

You may also need planning permission for your proposed work, especially if the building is listed or within a conservation area. Contact

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