Listed buildings

What is a listed building?

There are over 2500 listed buildings on the Isle of Wight containing a rich variety of architectural styles. These include bridges, memorials, telephone kiosks and gravestones. The buildings or structures are graded from:

  • grade I being exceptional
  • grade II* being particularly important
  • grade II being of special interest

A listed building does not just include the front elevation which is often referred to in the list description. This is only for identification purposes.

The listing includes the entire building - inside, outside and any curtilage structures (walls, outbuildings etc). These may or may not be physically attached to the building.

Can I make changes to a listed building?

Works of alteration, extension or demolition require listed building consent irrespective of the grade of listing. Undertaking works that require listed building consent without obtaining consent can result in enforcement action and even prosecution.

The Local Planning Authority determine listed building consent applications but do not compile the list of listed buildings. This is done by Historic England on behalf of the Government.