Waste planning

We are the Waste Collection Authority (WCA) and Waste Disposal Authority (WDA) for the Island. The aim is to provide accessible, efficient and sustainable waste services to Island residents. Operational principles and practices of waste services are set out in the Waste and Recycling Operational Policy 2019.

We also handle waste planning on the Island. There are policies in the Island Plan Core Strategy covering the issues in relation to land-use planning. Monitoring information is available in the Monitoring report.

We are a member of the South East Waste Planning Advisory Group (SEWPAG). SEWPAG is the grouping of waste planning officers and advisors. It exists to help waste planning authorities in the area to fulfil the Duty to Cooperate on strategic issues in the Localism Bill. It allows for the Government’s intention to place the responsibilities of the former Regional Technical Advisory Bodies with local authority groupings. This helps waste planning authorities to carry out their individual responsibilities more effectively.