Regeneration programme scope

Recognising that regeneration is more than just buildings on the ground, the programme is developing a diverse range of activities to ensure a holistic approach to regeneration. The programme has seven distinct work areas:

Stakeholder engagement and communications

Probably the most important part of the programme - ensuring residents and stakeholders are engaged throughout the programme and that we clearly communicate our ambitions both locally and nationally to encourage investors, developers and businesses to come to the Island.

Physical regeneration

Taking forward the priority sites as identified by the early work undertaken in December 2016. As well as these, continuing to develop opportunities as they arise and establish an agreed route for projects to move from ideas through to inclusion in the programme.

Asset management

The Council has recently recruited a Head of Property to actively manage the asset portfolio. This will include links into the One Public Estate Programme and ensure a 'whole council' approach to land and assets.


Recognising the importance of infrastructure to growing our economy and unlocking further potential, a more joined up approach to transport infrastructure planning (as well as other infrastructure such as broadband connectivity and utilities) is a key aspect to ensuring regeneration is taken forward appropriately and underpinned by a solid foundation.


Recognising the need to deliver more homes and in particular meet the housing needs of our older residents, this strand of work will seek to deliver new homes that meet both local and future need as well as being in the right locations across the Island.

Skills and business development

For any regeneration programme to be successful, we need to be able to reassure new businesses that the island offers a skilled and stable workforce. It is therefore vital that as the programme progresses, we link the current and future skills requirements with schools and further education providers on the Island.

Area regeneration

Ensuring our plans to support regeneration activity are up to date and fit for purpose. This work will include local regeneration activities led from within communities and the regeneration team will help facilitate and enable these activities.