Died Blondes

Tue 23 Jul 2019 7 PM 8 PM

Hygeia House (next to Tesco) 64 High Street Ventnor PO38 1LT
Details: ‘Hottest show in town…triumph…spellbinding’ – Ventnor Fringe 2018

Marilyn Monroe, movie star. Ruth Ellis, murderer. Infamous women.
Famous last words, reimagined by award-winning writer and performer,
Joan Ellis. Died Blondes pieces together the latest theories to give
these two so-called dumb blondes a voice moments before they die. What
was going on in their hearts and minds?

The women had more in common than a bottle of peroxide. They were
ambitious, not afraid to use their charms on men to get what they
wanted but found themselves abused by men too. When they fell in love,
it was with the wrong people who ultimately attributed to their

Joan Ellis as Marilyn Monroe, President John Kennedy’s ex-mistress,
whispers secrets about the Kennedy clan to ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio,
in her final paranoid phone call. In fear for her life, she begs him
to help as she relives her past and fends off threats from intruders.
Are they real or imagined by a drug-addled mind?

Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain, alone in her cell
minutes before her execution, reads her letter to lover, David
Blakely, justifying why she shot him. Making no attempt to atone, her
aim is to have her say. For once. Driven to the brink by Blakely’s
infidelities and abuse, by the time Ellis pulled the trigger had been
humiliated and beaten for the last time and took the ultimate revenge.

‘Fascinating theatre…convincing and beautifully contrasted, subtly observed.’ – The Fine Times Recorder

‘Watch Joan Ellis. She’s really quite the writer’ – Clapham Fringe 2018
Indoors or Outdoors: Indoors
Event Type: Arts and Culture
Intended Audience: Adults
Disabled Facilities: Toilets
Charges: £10
Organiser: Ventnor Fringe
Phone: 01983 716767