Keep yourself safe online

Everyday tasks, such as using the internet, can put you at risk of harm when you need personal privacy to keep yourself safe. Here are some ideas to protect yourself and others you live with even if you're sharing a device with someone else.

  • Use private browsing (incognito) mode to stay safe online. 
  • Delete your search history (including toolbar searches), for example: when using Google – click onto the Google icon and select ‘Clear Search History.’  
  • Privacy settings for social media accounts – keep up to date with security/privacy policies to set your account to its safest setting.   
  • Always log out of your accounts.  
  • Always close your browser session.  
  • Borrow a device from someone you can trust to browse the internet.  
  • Be wary of public, free Wi-fi, as it can be easier for someone to track your online activity.  

For more information regarding these suggestions, check out these online resources:

Disclaimer: Private or incognito browsing may not completely hide your browsing activity. The information provided is correct at the time of publishing this article. Follow your browser’s specific guide within its help function for the most up-to-date information.