Your care assessment

As a local authority, we follow The Care Act 2014. This means we will carry out an assessment for anyone who appears to need care and support. The focus of the assessment is on the person’s needs which are best for their health and wellbeing. We want to keep people well and independent.

Depending on your care needs, you may not require a full care assessment. We may be able to assist you through our care and support services. There are various options to help keep you living independently.

If you’re unsure which service is suitable for your needs, please fill out our initial contact form and a social care worker will contact you.

What happens next

Your social care worker will review your initial contact form and establish the need for a formal assessment.

The criteria required according to the Care Act are:

  • nutrition
  • personal hygiene
  • toilet needs
  • clothing – getting dressed
  • home safety
  • habitable home environment – housekeeping
  • family and personal relationships
  • employment and education
  • local community – transport, recreational services
  • care responsibilities – children.

We will be able to help if you meet the following:

  • you have care and support needs due to a physical or mental condition
  • because of those needs, you cannot achieve two or more of the above criteria listed
  • as a result, there is a significant impact on your wellbeing.

Following your formal assessment, we will create a personal care plan with you. Also, you will need to complete a financial assessment to establish how much you’ll need to pay for your care.