Deferred payments and top-ups for care

Depending on your care needs, we may be able to offer other options to help you pay for your residential or nursing care. 

Deferred payment scheme

You may be able to use the value of your home to pay for long-term care home costs. Through the deferred payment scheme (PDF, 52KB), we can delay repayments and pay for your care until your home sells. 

You may apply for the deferred payment scheme if:

  • you have savings and investments under £23,250* 
  • you own one or more properties. 

Third-party top-up payments

If the care home you are staying in is more expensive than the standard rate we offer, such as you want to upgrade to a larger room with a view or have your own bathroom, you may need a third-party top-up payment (PDF, 172KB) to pay the extra cost. 

A third-party top-up payment might be made by: 

  • a relative 
  • a friend
  • a charity (in some circumstances). 

Top-up payments are voluntary and are only required if your choice of care home is more expensive than the standard rate.  If the person making the top-up payments is unable to continue paying, we’ll need to find an alternative home that doesn’t require a top-up. You can discuss your options with your social care worker.

For both deferred payment scheme applications and third-party top ups, we advise you to seek independent financial advice.

*The upper capital limit is set by national government legislation and is subject to change.