Current Job Vacancies

All Current Job Vacancies are listed below. Jobs are listed by their category and department.

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Operational Support

Business Support Assistant

Ref: 3923

Corporate Management Support Team

Corporate Management Support Officer – Lead Ref: 50055891

Ref: 3895

The Bay CE School

HR Administration Assistant

Ref: 3915

The Bay CE School & Niton Primary School

HR Assistant

Ref: 3916

Niton Primary School

Office Administrator and Clerk

Ref: 3884

SEN Service

SEN Administrator, Ref 50053650

Ref: 3889


The Adelaide

Casual Domestic Ref: 45000660

Ref: 3675

Wroxall Primary School


Ref: 3903


Beaulieu House

Casual Cook Ref: 50054803

Ref: 3531


Newport Harbour

Duty Harbour Master

Ref: 3919

Customer Services

Children’s Resources Team

Supporting Families Project Officer

Ref: 3922

Dinosaur Isle Museum

Temporary Summer Assistant

Ref: 3914


The Bay CE School

Assistant Headteacher

Ref: 3918

Associate Deputy Headteacher

Ref: 3902

Wroxall Primary School

Class Teacher

Ref: 3908

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Class Teacher

Ref: 3894

Isle of Wight Education Federation

Cover Supervisor

Ref: 3925

Exams Officer & Data Assistant

Ref: 3906

Head Of Year / Teacher

Ref: 3883

Gurnard Primary School

KS2 Class Teacher

Ref: 3899

The Bay CE School

Learning Support Assistant

Ref: 3904

Niton Primary School

Learning Support Assistant

Ref: 3912

Nine Acres Primary School

Learning Support Assistant

Ref: 3873

Barton Primary School

Midday Supervisor

Ref: 3920

St Saviour's Catholic Primary School

Midday Supervisor, Ref: STSAVCPS001

Ref: 3739

St Helens Primary School

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Ref: 3909

Isle of Wight Education Federation

Operations Manager

Ref: 3907

Binstead Primary School

PPA Teacher

Ref: 3881

Medina House School

Receptionist/Classroom Assistant

Ref: 3892

Hunnyhill Primary School

School Business Manager, Ref: 50067343

Ref: 3858

The Bay CE School

SEN Learning Support Assistant

Ref: 3913

SEN Learning Support Assistant (Secondary)

Ref: 3917

The Bay CE School (Primary)

SEN Learning Support Assistant x 4

Ref: 3905

The Bay CE School

SEND Personalised Curriculum Coordinator

Ref: 3911

Binstead Primary School


Ref: 3887

The Bay CE School

Teacher Of History

Ref: 3885

Isle of Wight Education Federation

Teacher of MFL (French)

Ref: 3910

Teacher Of P.E (Female)

Ref: 3886

The Bay CE School

Teacher of RE (Secondary)

Ref: 3890


Community Equipment Services

Assistant Quality Assurance Technician

Ref: 3893

Public Rights of Way

Public Rights of Way Operative

Ref: 3924


Environmental Health – Business Regulation

Regulatory Officer

Ref: 3821


Payments Team

Trainee Income & Reconciliation Officer

Ref: 3900


Mental Health Team

Casual Approved Mental Health Professional, Ref: 50065340

Ref: 3077

The Adelaide

Casual Support Worker Ref: 45000549

Ref: 3673

Learning Disability Homes

Casual Support Workers Learning Disability Homes Ref: 50049851

Ref: 1741

Beaulieu House

Casual Support Workers Ref: 45001722

Ref: 3530

The Adelaide

General Maintenance Driver, Ref: 45004632

Ref: 3806


Independent Sector Commissioner

Ref: 3820

Plean Dene

Learning Disabilities Support Workers Ref: 50035301

Ref: 3259

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants (PA's) In Care

Ref: 2781

ASC Reablement and Outreach

Support Worker x 6 Ref: 45006583

Ref: 3437

Leisure and Tourism

Shanklin Cliff Lift

Casual Amenities Assistant (Cliff Lift) Ref: 500344954

Ref: 3786


Cleaners (Casual) Ref: 50045942

Ref: 3551

Group Fitness Instructor (Casual) Ref: 45006152

Ref: 3553

Health & Fitness Instructors (Casual) Ref: 45003455

Ref: 3555

Commercial Services

Leases and Licenses Manager

Ref: 3901


Leisure Attendants REF: 45003735

Ref: 3387

Leisure Team Member Apprentice, Ref: 50061645

Ref: 3857

Receptionist (Casual) Ref: 45006685

Ref: 3552

Swimming Instructors (Casual) Ref: 45005913

Ref: 3554

Medina Theatre

Theatre Assistant, Ref: 45003942

Ref: 3850


Library Service

Senior Library Assistant

Ref: 3897


Team IWC Flexible

Team IWC Flexible, Ref: TEAMIWC

Ref: 3156

Social Services

Mental Health Team

Approved Mental Health Professionals x3 Ref: 45005618

Ref: 3154

Adult Social Care

Assistant Social Worker x 3

Ref: 3870

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Team

Best Interest Assessor, Ref: 50054421

Ref: 3756

Learning Disability Team

Group Manager

Ref: 3843

IW Fostering

Local Authority Foster Carers

Ref: 3706

Shared Lives

Shared Lives Carers

Ref: 3042

Childrens Assessment Safeguarding Teams

Social Worker x 4, Ref: 50038340

Ref: 3173

Adult Social Care & Community Well-being

Social Workers Ref: 45004541

Ref: 3515

IW Fostering

Supported Lodgings Providers

Ref: 3707

Outside Bodies

Volunteer Donations Coordinator

Ref: 3477

Youth Work

Facilities and Fleet

Fleet Minibus Driver x 5

Ref: 3921