Isle of Wight Council

Current Job Vacancies

All Current Job Vacancies are listed below. Jobs are listed by their category and department.

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Island Learning Centre

Admin Officer

Ref: 4294

Corporate Management Support Team

Corporate Management Support Officer (Ref 2022_18)

Ref: 3959

DoLs Team

DoLs Coordinator

Ref: 4292

Admin Hub

Senior Administrative Officer x3 Ref: 2022_46

Ref: 4286

ASC Orders

Trainee Payments Officer Ref: 2022_51

Ref: 4290

Care and Support Work

Plean Dene (a council run home for adults with learning disabilities)

Casual Support Workers (Shanklin) ref 50035325

Ref: 4243

Beaulieu House (a children’s residential & respite service)

Casual Support Workers Ref: 45001722

Ref: 3530

The Gouldings (a service to promote the independence of individuals)

Domestic Assistant (Ref: 2022_16)

Ref: 4261

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants (PA's) In Care

Ref: 2781

Saxonbury (a council run home for adults with learning disabilities)

Senior Support Worker x 2 (18.5 hrs p/w) ref 2022_21

Ref: 4211

Plean Dene

Support Worker in a Learning Disability Setting (Ref: 50035301)

Ref: 3259

The Adelaide (a re-ablement home)

Support Worker x 3 Ref: 45004333

Ref: 4122


Beaulieu House (a children’s residential & respite service)

Casual Cook Ref: 50054803

Ref: 3531


The Isle of Wight Education Federation

Assistant Faculty Leader

Ref: 4273

Education and Inclusion Service

Education and Inclusion Assistant

Ref: 4293

Haylands Primary School

Family Liaison Officer Ref: 2022_50

Ref: 4289

The Isle of Wight Education Federation

Federation Cleaner

Ref: 4272

Federation Cleaning Manager

Ref: 4276

Nine Acres Primary School

KS1 Teacher

Ref: 4291

Wroxall Primary School

KS2 Teacher

Ref: 4206

Barton Primary School

Learning Support Assistant Ref: 2022_48

Ref: 4287

SEN Service

Manager SEN Specialist Services

Ref: 4245

Facilities and Fleet Management

Minibus Drivers x5 Ref: 50068811

Ref: 4249

Haylands Primary School

School Administrator Ref: 2022_49

Ref: 4288

The Isle of Wight Education Federation

Service Manager

Ref: 4277

Island Learning Centre

Teaching Assistants (Advanced)

Ref: 4267

Leisure and Tourism


Leisure Attendants REF: 45003735

Ref: 3387

Swimming Instructors (Casual) Ref: 45005913

Ref: 3554

Maintenance / Caretaking

The Adelaide (a re-ablement home)

Driver / Maintenance Worker (ref 2022_20)

Ref: 4263

Public Health

Public Health

Partnership and Project Manager (Healthy Places)

Ref: 4282

Partnerships and Project Manager (Children and Families)

Ref: 4285

Regulatory Services

Environmental Health – Business Regulation

Regulatory Officer

Ref: 3821


Team IWC Flexible

Team IWC Flexible - Casual Bank Work (Ref: TEAMIWC)

Ref: 3156

Social Services

Mental Health Team

Approved Mental Health Professionals x3 Ref: 45005618

Ref: 3154

Casual Approved Mental Health Professional, Ref: 50065340

Ref: 3077

IW Fostering

Local Authority Foster Carers

Ref: 3706


Senior Practitioner

Ref: 4223

South Locality

Senior Practitioner (ref 45004541)

Ref: 4210

Shared Lives

Shared Lives Carers

Ref: 3042

South Locality

Social Worker Assistant Ref: 2022_35

Ref: 4274

Children's Assessment Safeguarding Teams

Social Worker x 2 (Ref: 50038340)

Ref: 3173

Adult Social Care & Community Well-being

Social Workers Ref: 45004541

Ref: 3515

IW Fostering

Supported Lodgings Providers

Ref: 3707

Outside Bodies

Volunteer Donations Coordinator

Ref: 3477

Youth Work

Children's Services

Volunteers, Resilience Around Families Team (Children’s Services)

Ref: 4043