Current Job Vacancies

All Current Job Vacancies are listed below. Jobs are listed by their category and department.

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The Goulding's

General Maintenance/Driver, Ref: 45004621

Ref: 3022

Customer Services

Outside Bodies

Census 2021

Ref: 2951


Summerfields Primary School

Class Teacher

Ref: 3024

The Bay CE School

Class Teacher

Ref: 3020

St George's School

Health and Safety Officer

Ref: 3023

Island Futures

Progression Coach, Ref: 50047704

Ref: 3013

Schools Speech and Language Support Team, SEN Service

Speech and Language Therapist, Ref: 50051534

Ref: 3017


Corporate Finance

Capital Accountant, Ref: 50047046

Ref: 3007


LD Homes

Casual Support Workers Ref: 50049851

Ref: 1741

The Gouldings

Day Support Worker x2, Ref: 45006635

Ref: 3021

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants (PA's) In Care

Ref: 2781

Public Health Services

Senior Public Health Practitioner Ref: 45002421

Ref: 3011

Community Re-ablement & Outreach

Support Worker x6, Ref: 50065596

Ref: 3019


Support Workers x2 Ref: 50057751/50053892

Ref: 2972


ICT Applications Development Team

Business Applications Development Officer

Ref: 3012

Social Services


Approved Mental Health Professionals x3 Ref: 50065340

Ref: 2961

PSW Practice Development

Practice Development Lead, Ref: 50059231

Ref: 3003

Practice Quality and Audit Lead, Ref: 50059230

Ref: 3004

Mental Health Team

Social Care Practitioner Ref: 45004578

Ref: 2966


Support Worker, Ref: 50058720

Ref: 3018