Current Job Vacancies

All Current Job Vacancies are listed below. Jobs are listed by their category and department.

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The Adelaide

Casual Domestic, Ref: 45004630

Ref: 3052


Sports & Play Development

Bikeability Cycling Instructor, Ref: 50064469

Ref: 3035

Customer Services

Outside Bodies

Census 2021

Ref: 2951


Island Learning Centre

Clerk to Management Committee

Ref: 3055

The Bay CE School

Exam Invigilators

Ref: 3057

Speech and Language Therapy

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Ref: 50053627

Ref: 3044

Schools Speech and Language Support Team

Specialist Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, Ref: 50051536

Ref: 3059

St Helens Primary School

Teaching Assistants

Ref: 3053

The Bay CE School

Technology Teacher

Ref: 3056


Beaulieu House

Bank Care Assistant, Ref: 45001720

Ref: 2944

Care Assistant, Ref: 50035935

Ref: 3062

LD Homes

Casual Support Workers Ref: 50049851

Ref: 1741

The Adelaide Resource Centre

Casual Support Workers Ref:45000459

Ref: 3028

Initial Adult Social Care Team

Consultant Practitioner, Ref: 50023674

Ref: 3048

Plean Dene

Day Support Worker Ref: 50035312

Ref: 3033

Beaulieu House

Night Care Assistant, Ref: 50064223

Ref: 2945

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants (PA's) In Care

Ref: 2781

ASC Reablement & Outreach

Reablement Leader Ref: 50038790

Ref: 3058

Community Re-ablement & Outreach

Support Worker x2, Ref: 50065596

Ref: 3019


Application Support Team

Desktop Supoprt Officer (Applications & Training), ref: 50065703

Ref: 3061

ICT Desktop Support

ICT Desktop Support Officer, Ref: 45003080

Ref: 3049


Library Service

Library Assistant, Ref: 45002700

Ref: 3060


The Adelaide

Assistant Manager, Ref: 45007194

Ref: 3051

Social Services

Strategic Commissioning

Commissioning Assistant, Ref: 50064996

Ref: 3043

Strategic Commissioning ASC

Commissioning Officer, Ref: 50057518

Ref: 3046

Adult Mental Health Team

Group Manager – AMHP Ref:50065339

Ref: 2960

Shared Lives

Shared Lives Carers

Ref: 3042

Childrens Assessment Safeguarding Team 1

Social Work Personal Assistant, Ref: 50051706

Ref: 3063

Childrens Assessment Safeguarding Teams

Social Worker x 4, Ref: 50038340

Ref: 3008


Social Worker, Ref: 50056897

Ref: 3050

Community Re-ablement & Outreach

Support Worker x8, Ref: 50052818

Ref: 3041