Current Job Vacancies

All Current Job Vacancies are listed below. Jobs are listed by their category and department.

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Hospital Team & Review Team

Administrative Officer x2 Ref: 50023556

Ref: 2848


The Adelaide

Assistant Cook REF: 45004627

Ref: 2866

Customer Services


Casual Wightcare Response Centre Operators Ref: 50049424

Ref: 2769


Wroxall Primary School


Ref: 2861


Building Control

Building Control Manager Ref: 45006215

Ref: 2612


Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team

Best Interests Assessor x2 Ref: 50064455

Ref: 2840

Reablement Services

Casual Day Support Team Worker REF: 45002238

Ref: 1678

Beaulieu House

Casual Night Care Assistants REF: 50064223

Ref: 2802

LD Homes

Casual Support Workers Ref: 50049851

Ref: 1741

The Adelaide Resource Centre

Day Support Workers x2 Ref: 45004547

Ref: 2858

The Gouldings

Domestic Assistant REF: 45003553

Ref: 2863

The Adelaide

Night Support Worker X3 REF: 45006740

Ref: 2868

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants (PA's) In Care

Ref: 2781

Onwards Care and Independence Team

Reablement Leader REF: 50064758

Ref: 2869

ASC Reablement and Outreach

Reablement Leader x4 Ref: 50061915

Ref: 2865

The Gouldings

Support Worker X3 REF: 50064759

Ref: 2870

The Adelaide

Support Worker X4 REF: 45003869

Ref: 2867

Community Outreach

Support Worker x7 Ref: 45006583

Ref: 2864

Onwards Care and Independence Team

Support Worker x7 Ref: 50064745

Ref: 2862


Housing Needs

Housing Needs Commissioning Officer Ref: 50064020

Ref: 2806

Human Resources

Payments Team

Resourcing Specialist, Ref: 50064594

Ref: 2860


Corporate Services

Assistant Director of Corporate Services REF: 50058033

Ref: 2844

Social Services

Initial Adult Social Care Contact Team

Consultant Practitioner Ref:50055315

Ref: 2850

Practice Development

Practice Development Lead Ref: 50059231

Ref: 2764

Initial Adult Social Care Contact Team

Social Care Officer Ref: 50059718

Ref: 2855

West & Central Locality

Social Care Officer, Ref: 50062390

Ref: 2846

Initial Adult Social Care Contact Team

Social Worker (Social Care Practitioner) Ref: 50054677

Ref: 2831

Adult Integrated Learning Disability Team

Transition Social Worker – Adult Integrated Learning Disability Team Ref: 50064540

Ref: 2857

Transformation Team

Volunteers, Transformation Team (Children’s Services)

Ref: 2621